jewelry and shibori

Shibori Process

Shibori is the Japanese art of patterned resist fabric dyeing.

Deva artwork is comprised of these three techniques:

Nui, “meaning to sew or tapestry”, a labor intensive hand-stitched shibori technique created by stitching and binding fabric. Variances in stitching and binding create uniquely distinctive patterned results.

Arashi, “meaning storm”, a shibori technique created by wrapping and compressing fabric around a pole. Changes in fabric direction and compression combine to create a storm-like pattern.

Itajime, a shibori technique created by pleating, folding and board clamping fabric with unique shapes to create beautiful bold geometric patterns.

Scarf materials are 8mm habotai and 12mm crepe de chine silk, dyed using protein and cellulose dyes produced in small eco-friendly batches.

Each scarf is one of a kind, wearable art, handcrafted for years of enjoyment.

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